The gathering place for async advocates

Welcome to We Are Async – the first community for people who are proud advocates of asynchronous communication and all of its positive benefits, both inside and outside of work.

Why We Are Async

Ping. You lose your train of thought.

Ping. You check a message and 20 minutes later you're still doom scrolling.

Ping. You drop everything to cater to someone else's conspicuously-titled "urgent" request.

All by 11:00 AM.

These pings, they add up.

Individually, they're small pebbles. Together, they're a rockslide barreling straight towards your attention, your agenda, your autonomy.

That insurmountable feeling? It adds up, too. And, eventually, it’ll catch you.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

And it's not like this for some companies…

There's not many of us (yet). But those of us who know, know.

We know that work can feel expansive and liberating when people aren't constantly tossing those pebble-like pings at your window.

We know that uninterrupted time to focus and our mental health are correlated (very) positively.

We know that while conversations may take longer, they're more inclusive of others, evolve more thoughtfully, are more rich in content.

We, are async.

Welcome to our little patch of the internet, where the grass is – quite literally – greener.

We invite you to roam around (at your own pace). To learn about the growing shift towards asynchronous communication, teamwork, education and beyond. Invigorated by what you see?

Join us.

Join the async movement